Here's a sampling of some of the past live events we've done. Want us to bring the party to you? Our digits and email are on the contact page.

Sunday, June 10, 2007
So by now you've probably heard about our trip to South America, and how they kind of kicked us out. But if you weren't there on Sunday, you haven't seen our vacation videos! (Or maybe you were there, but you don't remember. Can Hot Bartender (himself) heat up a room or what?!) Oh, and you know how before, we've had cameras on the set, but somehow they've always accidentally gotten turned off? Not this time! If Secret Service Dude (Derek Maki) can't stop the tapes from surfacing, then you'll see what happened when we met Senator Barack Obama (Mark Donovan). We also talked to our mom, First Lady Laura Bush (Mary House) and our dad, George "Dubya" Bush (Jay McKinney) -- who doesn't seem to mind being called the worst President in history. It got him on the cover of Rolling Stone, didn't it?

Sunday, November 5, 2006
Our 2006 Extended Election Extravaganza! 'Cause it was such a special show, we had four very special guests! First, we met the Governator of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger (Miko Hughes)! He looks a lot bigger in the movies. Our uncle Dick Cheney (Brad Haight) came back, even though he seems to have a lot of heart attacks around us. Or maybe it's 'cause of Hot Bartender (himself). (Hi, Hot Bartender!) The governator really liked our mom, First Lady Laura Bush (Mary House)... like, really liked her. And, of course, everyone loves our dad, George "Dubya" Bush (Chris Raiskup)! (Except for the voters, we mean.) The Child Left Behind (Tirosh Schneider) gave us a report from the box (isn't it gonna hurt when he gets taller?), Secret Service Dude (Derek Maki) ran the door and kept us safe, and Hot Bartender gave out drinks and cleaned up the mess. Thanks, Hot Bartender!

Friday, May 19, 2006

"We pledge allegiance to our dad,
who owns the United States of America..."

It's a fact: If you start partying the weekend before a holiday weekend, then the holiday weekend lasts for a week and a half. So we figured it was our patriotic duty to make sure that everyone had a party to go to! Our mom, First Lady Laura Bush (Mary House) and our dad, President George W. Bush (Chris Raiskup) totally agreed, so they came too! Or maybe it was because Mom's more popular than Daddy, so she's been going on every talk show she can. Daddy doesn't need an excuse. He's the freakin' President! It was kind of a short show, because we didn't have our party epiphany until a few days earlier, but we brought cake for everyone, so it's all good. And Hot Bartender (Hector Peñate) made sure everyone got one of our new souvenier shot glasses. Thanks, Hot Bartender!

Sunday, December 11, 2005
Yeah, we were kind of busy this year... but we're never too busy for a holiday mini-special! We got this new cue card guy, Scooter Libby (Brandon Burkhart). Who else was gonna hire him? Our special guest was our dad, the President of the United States, the guy who taught Jenna how to cure a hangover, George W. Bush (Chris Raiskup)! Our less special guest was our cousin Noelle (Mary House). The drink of the day was margaritas, 'cause it kind of rhymes with Katrina, and it's topical! (And it was the biggest disaster this country has seen lately that Daddy didn't cause, so it better stay topical.)

Thursday, January 27, 2005
DADDY!! He's the reason we're here! He lets us drink beer! He... um... our daddy is George W. Bush (Chris Raiskup), the freakin' President, okay? He said if we didn't embarrass him too much, he'd share his super-secret hangover cure with everyone. We're still not sure if he did, 'cause there was a lot of beer around, and we don't even wanna know what Noelle was on. But we're pretty sure we remember having a great time. Wooooo!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2005
Our special Innagu... Inagrea... Innogur... Daddy Gets Sworn In Again And We Get To Go To All The Parties Show! We're did the show after a whole bunch of ball things, so you KNOW it was a good time -- and that was even with our mom, Laura Bush (Mary House), showing up. We dug up some good dirt on her, so we were totally ready. And we drank lots of champagne!

Monday, December 27, 2004
Our very first live show!! Our special guest was our Uncle Marvin (Randall Mills). Who's Uncle Marvin? Exactly! He's the one you never hear about. So we talked with him, and we talked with Cue Card Tony, and we got drinks from Hot Bartender, and we played Bush Family Scandal and Political Pets, and we even found out what a Venture Capitalist is! Everyone had a kick-ass time. Except maybe Uncle Marvin.