created, written and performed by
Jenny Purple and Rose Auerbach

After a successful string of live events, Bush Twins Party Hour has crashed the Internet. Episodes can now be viewed on FunLittleMovies.com and Revver.com -- or right here on our episodes page.

Bush Twins Party Hour has been performed all over the Los Angeles region, in venues ranging from Tres Stage (tiny, but agreeable to having a bartender serving real drinks) to the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre (presented as a work in progress by Groundlings founder Gary Austin). More recently, the crew contributed the short sketch Bushes Gone Wild! to The Boob Tube's Wild On Spring Break Episodes program at the Second City Studio Theatre, and wrapped up the 2006 election season with a series of shows at the Westside Eclectic.

Bush Twins Party Hour is written by Jenny Purple with research by Rose Auerbach, and produced and directed by Jenny Purple. Rose Auerbach designed and manages the web site. If you'd like additional information, or if you're interested in having us bring the party to your venue, please feel free to contact us.



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